Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Information

You can access JNGI Online from any Internet compatible device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop/PC) by visiting and clicking on the Get A Quote button or by visiting

You can upload your vehicle documents either using your laptop or webcam. When using your laptop, select the files from your machine and then upload. When using the webcam, turn on your camera, take photo and add the file.

Yes. If a customer starts their policy online and they are having any difficulties they can complete the process at the JNGI branch closest to them.

Yes, JNGI offers a number of discounts which you may benefit from. Once you have entered your information, all eligible discounts will be applied to the quote.

Yes. Our Mobile Claims Response Team will visit you to assist with completing your claim form.

Four References are needed or you may submit two of the same references.

We offer you value for money, peace of mind, help and comfort when you are in greatest need, reliability in uncertain times and a strong personal relationship with you our clients.


Yes. Your quotation is based on the information you provide. Once you enter accurate information about yourself, your drivers, and your vehicles and it matches the information provided through documentation, for example, driving and claims history, your quote will be accurate. Please note that quotes are valid for thirty (30) days.

The information we collect is necessary in providing you with an accurate quotation. JNGI provides risk scored quotations. This means we provide quotations tailored and specific to you, therefore the information you enter will determine the precise amount you pay.

No. We provide accurate motor insurance quotes. This will eliminate assumptions and help you make the best decision about your insurance.

Policy and Cover

If you are a joint insured on your parents' policy, you are considered as having prior insurance. If you are insured as a driver and not a joint insured, you do not have prior insurance.

Yes. In addition to motor vehicle insurance, JNGI offers property, content and business insurance.

No. To obtain an insurance quote for a property and/business insurance, you can contact 1-888-225-5636 and thereafter visit a branch or a broker nearest you to purchase your cover.

Yes. You can choose to start your policy at any time. However, you need to ensure that you have insurance coverage up to the date you require to start your new policy.

You can make a purchase up to 15 days prior to the effective date you wish the coverage to begin.

Yes. You will need to create an account and thereafter you can log on at any time to retrieve your quote and purchase your policy. Please bear in mind that the quote is valid for thirty (30) days.

Yes, you can personalize your policy by increasing or decreasing your limits of liability and other benefits, for example, windscreen before you make a purchase.

After purchasing your policy, you will immediately receive an E-Cover Note (electronic cover note) in your email box.

Yes, the Police will accept the JNGI Online E-Cover note and measures have been put in place for them to verify validity.

Once you have submitted all the required documents, you will receive your certificate within five (5) working days. The certificate will be delivered at the address you indicated at the time of purchasing or when liaising with our Customer Care Representative.


Yes. If you require insurance coverage for all vehicles in your household you will be required to do a quote for all vehicles. You can add up to three (3) vehicles for each purchase.

Social domestic and pleasure purposes refer to the use of the vehicle for travel in connection with the policyholder’s personal or private business, for example, travelling to and from work and/ school.


For restricted driving policy, you are required to add all persons who will drive the vehicle, subject to a maximum of three (3) drivers, including yourself. For Open driving policy, you are required to add any driver outside of the stated age criteria for the policy. For example, the age criteria may be 21 – 75 years; if you have a possible driver who is 18 years or 76 years old, it is important that you add this driver to the policy.

Yes. All accidents in the past ten (10) years should be declared; fault or non-fault.

A Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) is a unique nine digit identification number that is assigned to individual taxpayer and business organization. We ask for your TRN when you are the owner of the vehicle and you do not have a driver’s licence. You are also required to provide a photo identification.


Any existing JNGI customers who has a private, private commercial or public commercial policy can use JNGI Online to renew their policy.

Any existing JNGI customers who has a private, private commercial or public commercial policy can use JNGI Online to renew their policy.

You will need to have your policy number and TRN along with a credit card to renew your policy online.

No, you will need to contact your Broker or Agent to renew your policy.

Yes, you can make changes by completing a change request form online.

You can renew thirty (30) days before your policy expiry date.

You can renew up to thirty (30) days after your policy expiry date.

Your insurance certificate will be delivered to you within five (5) working days once you have submitted all the required documents. If you have any outstanding documents, you will be required to submit them at a JNGI Branch of your choice and thereafter, the certificate will be given to you.


Yes, as the claim notification provides us with limited information and in order to process your claim, we will need full details of the accident.

At the time JNGI Online receives your notification, a copy will be sent to directly your email box.

The JAA Mobile Claim Response team will contact you within 24 hours to assist with completing the process.


We accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard & Keycard) online, cash and point of sale in branch and cheques for renewals only.

As a JNGI Online customer, you will be able to make payments using our Flexi Payment Plan. With the Flexi Payment Plan you can pay 50% of your premium at the time of purchasing or renewing and you will have ninety (90) days to pay the balance.

Log into your My Account and follow these steps: Select “Your Payment(s)” | Select the “Pay Outstanding Premium” tab | Select the policy you wish to pay the outstanding balance for | Enter delivery information | Enter credit card information | Agree to terms and all policies | Select “Pay Balance”

Yes, outstanding balance(s) can be paid with any credit card. You do not have to pay with the same credit card that was used for the initial payment.

No. You will need to visit any JNGI location to make the final payment. Kindly note if final payment is not received on the 90th day, your policy will be cancelled and you will not be under cover. The policy will however be reinstated when the final payment is received.

Your quote is being processed

Please wait while we calculate your premium for all products for which you may qualify. This quotation is not final and is subject to change, depending on the satisfactory completion of our proposal form.
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